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Strengthening Our Local Businesses


Luanne Triolo Newman, Executive Director
Carol Stream Chamber

How many times have you heard or read, “Shop Local”? At some point, for groceries or fast-food, we all most likely do shop local, so why is it emphasized?

Consumers have many choices when it comes to shopping, dining out, or purchasing services that businesses offer.  With internet shopping opportunities, the local brick-and-mortar stores definitely have competition. Local municipalities benefit from tax dollars generated as they provide services for these facilities.

But what are other benefits for Joe Printer on the corner or Jane’s Restaurant down the street, and for us?

We visit our local stores and see smiling faces, some that live in our town, and they are those who support local ball teams and clubs. We forge relationships with staff and owners and we are familiar and friendly faces for them. We keep tax dollars in or community and also keep our local businesses strong, helping them to grow and increase hiring.

The chamber offers several Expos each year where members obtain booths to show and sell their products or services. This brings awareness to the consumers in the community who are sometimes offered specials at the expo or in their place of business after the event. It is an opportunity to start a business relationship anew or strengthen an existing one.

Consider your local businesses. Search your chamber website for listings of companies. Pick one or two to visit and support. Shop local and be proud of making a difference in your community.