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here comes the……….’wedding expo’

April 9, 2011 there will be a phenomenal wedding expo at the Holiday Inn/Carol Stream 630.665.3325 for infoSo I said to my chamber board, “Board? In tough economic times, people are still spending alot of money on WEDDINGS. May I put together a wedding expo at which our members can showcase their businesses?” The board said to go for it, and we’ve been planning the April 9, 2011 ‘the wedding expo’ ever since.

Yeah, we’ve picked the ‘colors’ and the graphic and already have vendors lined up. We offer our chamber members opportunities to be:sponsors, vendors, exhibitors, taste-test sponsors, or flyer sponsors. And there is always that volunteer op which builds relationships with other members.

Have you heard of a Man-cave? Sure, there are guys who have turned their basements into a “Boys Only” area…or should it be called “area-that-only-boys-want-to-enter”? What does this have to do with a wedding expo? We will have an area nearby so that brides-to-be can BRING their men without boring their men. They can be in the MAN-CAVE which is down the hall, able to be reached for important consultation on a wedding decision. Or not.

Why would an engaged female want to attend? The atmosphere will have them IN THEIR GLORY…it’s all about THEM. They can choose many items on their TO-DO list and check them off after this event.

Giveaways, vendors, food, fashion show, focus on the bride — a perfect venue to visit for the bride and her friends!

What is your favorite piece or feature of this type of event? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Chamber members and prospects….if you could benefit from this exposure…visit the website and say “I DO!” — fill out the Exhibitor Application for “the wedding expo” at the Holiday Inn in Carol Stream.


Get the Word Out – the Right Word

All businesses strive to break through to consumers or prospects with advertising. How great is it to be a “household name”, for all the right reasons?

What does your advertising say about you or your company? Is it relaying the right message?

Watching Superbowl 44, like many others, I look forward to the newest commercials. They are often fun, creative and….expensive! And everyone talks about them the next day. Certified Guerrilla Marketing expert and co-author, Al Lautenslager, is always sought after on the DAY after — the Monday after the Super Bowl. Why? Everyone wants to hear what got a ’10’ and who the failures were.

But why is an ad a failure? Does it drive customers to your website, door or phone? Does it turn prospects off, offending them or insulting their intelligence? Did you chose the best avenue — the medium you picked was visible to and visited by many?

What do you remember of those $2.5 million-per-30-second bits of entertainment? Was it the house constructed with beer cans? The violin-playing beavers? The Motorola phone photo-snapping bathtub occupant, the dog-collar-swapping-Dorito-eating pet, or the straight shooting movie trailers?

Some sensed a theme of testosterone vs. estrogen.

Lois Martin/ found the ‘manly man commercials’ for Dodge Charger and Dove Body wash very entertaining. Tweeting comments on Twitter during the game (or maybe not!!), she noted that the men at her gathering did some chest thumping, retreating to the patio for a beer and a cigar after some of those.

I think the economic downturn was reflected in decrease spending on wardrobe. Budget allocation decreases were noted in the attire, or lack of it, in both Career Builder and Dockers ads.

As for the Coca-Cola ad with the sleepwalking dude who went overcame danger just to get their product; this strongly conveyed that “gotta have it” message.

Whether you portray your product or service as something that people cannot live without, or show what sets you apart from the competition, it’s important now more than ever to GET THE WORD out about your biz. Besides, with so many budget cuts, less competition is out there. Like the Superbowl time slots, prices can come down and be more affordable (!?!!).

Shout it from the mountaintops! And let others shout for you, too! Leads groups and referral organizations entice membership because of the fact that fellow members refer business to you. Other groups, like chambers of commerce, also refer business through website listings, phone call inquiry responses, electronic newsletters and ADS! Whether it’s a banner ad, ‘physical’ flyer stuffed into a mailing or your name on a sponsor sign, consider your options, be creative and relay the right message!