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2010: 365 Days…Starting…NOW!

Is 2010 a new decade or just a New Year? Different people have different opinions on that topic. Whatever you decide, I hope you’ll decide to make 2010 a great one. What will you do with your 52 weeks – your 365 days – 8766 hours? Is it just me or do the days, weeks and months fly by faster than they used to? We cannot get back yesterday or a great day we had last year; we can just make the most of today…and tomorrow.

How will you make the most of this year when it comes to business? Will you vow to be more organized, spend more time with family, improve follow-up on leads, seize opportunities you have otherwise taken a pass on?

Realizing the economic situation affects most of us, how do you view your chamber membership? Do you look at the luncheons as the most efficient 1.5 hours you can spend per month? Do you check out the chamber advertising and sponsorships and consider them when planning your year? Are you taking full advantage of the free online resources and free Business After Hours and Ribbon Cuttings?

What will 2010 bring? Speaking for the Carol Stream Chamber, I can tell you it brings some new and unique opportunities. Watch for Member Benefits such as the new Mobile Alerts, a Leads Group beginning, a Candidates’ Night and a ‘meeting’ to help introduce you to ‘power partners’ and beneficial connections. We continue our Chamber Video Opportunity, New/Prospective Member gatherings and multiple Expos, so that you can have the chance to meet others, learn from others, and build your business through others.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, new decade…or not!