Nice shape!

QR Code for the Carol Stream Chamber

This is what we look like!

If you were a QR Code, what would you look like? Here is what the Carol Stream Chamber looks like ‘in QR.’

They say some cell phones with special software, when waved over these codes, can scan and process them. It launches their internet browser and takes the ‘scanner’ to the information intended by the code owner.

Wikipedia says, “The “QR” is derived from “Quick Response”, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.”

A QR Code can be created or ‘generated’ by a QR Code Generator site, such as

The code can be put on company business cards, newspaper or magazine ads, a special mailing and much more. You could drive prospective customers to a specifically designated site, easily trackable, to determine the success of this marketing idea.

Have you seen such a code? Where?

So what will we put our QR Code on? Well, tell us what you’re putting YOUR QR Code on first.
Very truly yours,
QR Code for the Carol Stream Chamber



2 responses to “Nice shape!

  1. The QR code works by having a special application on your phone (many are free downloads) and you take a picture using your phone that launches a website. DataMart Direct just published an article about QR codes in their recent newsletter. Click here to see that article or contact DataMart Direct at to learn more about integrating QR codes in your next marketing campaign.

  2. We put the QR code on our Newsletter for instance… Although it is relatively “new” technology (it’s really been around since the early 90’s), it is gaining popularity as “Smart” phones are more prevelant. Expect to see it more often… today as a gimmick, tomorrow as a necessity. Got to love technology.

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